LATEST NEWS FROm moyale, Marsabit County January 13, 2014

By GSG member



The unending ritual killing of unarmed innocent people of Marsabit County by nomadic pagans from Ethiopia has claimed more lives and looted several 100 Gabra owned cattle near Malbe on January 12, 2014.

Also, on January 13, 2014 according to information received from Moyale, over 5000 to 6ooo people are under siege at Forole village located about 200 kilometers from Moyale. It was said that two KPR men were killed, 8 are not accounted for, and over 100 live stocks were looted.

It is shameful that while the Marsabit county governor is trying to calm the situation through dialog between warring communities, the Moyale districtís representative of Parliament is engaging in speeches inciting his blood thirsty pagan kin and community members to terrorize other peace-loving people of different clans like the Burji, and Gabra communities in Kenya and Ethiopia.

So, it is time for the Jubilee government to stop the nonsense politicking business and send security personnel to contain this marauding terrorist from crossing into Kenyan soil and killing Kenyan citizens.




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