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Haji Hassan Gababa was one of the Gharri's war commander in chief and the most powerful and out spoken Gharri leader against the British and Ethiopian colonialist from 1919-1964.
He was the Gharri's leading war commander in chief during the late 30s and 40s. He succefully defeated the British occuping forces and stopped them from collecting taxes from the northern frontier district of Keny to the southern frontier of Ethipia, also known as "the Gharri country".
During the 50s, he was the only man of his era that defied the British and Ethiopian policy of taxation without representation.
He was the only leader of his time that defied the British blue line and implemented his own version of boarderline, what is now known as the Kenya and the Ethiopian boarder.
He was the George Washington and the Nelson Mandela of the Gharri People, the man of principle, and he fought and died for Gharri people.


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