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Introduction: Among its many cities, Wachile is one of the Gharri's city founded by Haji Hasan Gababa in 1949. Its Population was about 100. By the 1968, the populations were reached 120,000. The Wachille city was known for its natural white sands and clay as well as its open fields.
WACHILE is located in the low land and strategically centered between Moyale and Nagelle cities. It was the home of Gharri's many great leaders. Sadly, Wachile city was captured from the Gharri in 1978 war by the help of Russia and Cuban militia. It has been occupied since, but, they demolished the city in 1990-91 when Mengistu Haile Mariam government was overthrown.
The Wachile city was destroyed by the Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam's militia.
Today the city, the people, the street, where once I enjoyed playing successor games with many other children are gone. The school, where I learned the facts of life and value of education are gone. The mosque where student scholars and religious scholars practiced the religion ceremonies are gone. Today, what once was a major city and center of the imported goods is nothing but, open fields exactly what you see on the picture.
The people you see on this picture are sons of the city founder returning from the exile and looking at the remains of the place once they called home. They are making an assessment to determine if it is safe enough to rebuild the city, because the field is full of land mine. Also, the former ex militia are raiding the near by villages so often and there is no protection from the Ethiopian government.


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