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Gharri Video     From El Wak   District Central Gharri Region           GCONA 3rd     Annual    Conference 2007k  

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  Haj Bilow

Drought bites in Mandera, Kenya

Gur Gharri Online News Rhamo Dec. 21, 2007

Gharri Conference Guest Video

Current Time In Moyale

 Open Letter From GSG(Gharri Support Group ) Re Genocide

Current Time In Kenya: Gharri Videos Cnn

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Consulate General-LA   Gharri Video

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Welcome to Kojowa & Qalla Argeessa Villages


Dallas nurse infected with Ebola identified Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital worker Nina Pham, 26, contracted the deadly virus while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan.  Details 

Gharri Traditional Show at Choqorsa, Huddet District

Rhamo District is under seized and the Gharri citizens of Rhamo have been tortured by KDF (Kenyan Demented Force) and many more are in custody

 Hong Kong protesters prepare for long haul

The Degodia politicians including Abdikadir Mohamed, and Aden Kenan have become licensed Domestic

The Police Commissioner David Kimanyo and Interor  Secretary Mr. Lenku ordered  beating and torturing hundreds

MANDERA COUNTY: 33 Degodia militia were captured in in the battle in

Response to the and its affiliate KTN

Kenyan watches as the Degodia branch of AL Shebab are terrorizing the Gharri

Breaking news from Takaba District, Mandera County, Central Gharri region, Kenya July 27, 2014

Proposed Peace and Resettlement agreement between the Degodia and Gharri

To the Gharri elected officials, we elected you to represent us, work for us, and protect and

Breaking news from Takaba District, Mandera County, Kenya June 22, 2014 by Gur Gharri GSG News contributor Guerilla warfare has begun between the

ThumbnailAbdirahaman and Farhiya's Wedding Video

Those in charge of the media and the politicians behind

Exclusive: FBI spied on Mandela during first U.S. trip

We the Gharri people are disappointed and shocked to find out that before the bloods of our five young men wears off from......

Five unarmed civilians were killed and several others were injured in Rhamo, Mandera County.

Response to the Web Page Distorted False Report dated May 13, 2014, by adow jubat

On May 13, the Degodia militia from Wajir County crossed into the town of Fincharo in Madera County in an attempt to take over the land

NIGHT TERROR HAVE BEGAN IN Mandera County and Moyale district, Southern Ethiopia

Tennessee Garre Community News Update February 08, 2014

The unending ritual killing of unarmed .

The Borana clan has begun waging full-fledged war against

Ali Boru's response to Borana MP Roba Duba's claim re-E…

The Borana community has lost ground on

Hundreds of armed militia torch houses kill 17

On Thursday Dec. 05, 2013, Moyale residents woke up with the sounds of automatic machine guns and heavy artillery.

two Garri owned vehicles carrying an unspecified number of passengers were

Tensions are very High between the Gabra and Borana Communities, after area clan mobs blocked the

6 Borana individuals have been arrested by Kenyan Defense Force (KDF) & Tensions are

Response to Daily Nation web and its culprits Lucas Barasa, Mohamud Mohamed and Hassan Aden Osman AKA Hassan Cereal

 Response to the Daily Nation's Report regarding causes of conflict in Moyale District and North Eastern Kenya.

Two killed in clashes over control of pasture in Moyale

A word of peace has put shackles on the Gharri elected official

Response to the Web news reports by CYRUS OMBATi &ADOW JUBAT

News Brief From Moyale, Ethiopia and MANDERA COUNTY, KENYA

Response to the causes of Mandera & Wajir county conflict

Where are Mandera county elected officials?

Response to the Standard Media Report dated June 7, 2013 in

Garre Community of California film    


News Brief From Rhamo, Mandera County, Kenya According to

Degodia transgressors

Latest Mandera County Gubernatorial, Senatorial and Women representatives’ provisional results from 4 Constituencies

Latest Mandera County MPs provisional results March 04, 2013.

Welcome to Mandera County Latest Election News Update March 04, 2013 By GSG Member

The 14th annual Pastoralist conference held at Yavello concluded on

Three First Ladies if Mr. Dida wins the presidency.html

Huddat District High School Huddat is one of the

Two federal police officers were ambushed and killed near Moyale town on ....

Thousands of Moyale residents took to the streets to mourn the sudden death of ....

Degodia MPs Designed, Authorized and supervised of RHamo Killings

from Moyale, Ethiopia:




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