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Gharri Video     From El Wak   District Central Gharri Region           GCONA 3rd     Annual    Conference 2007k  

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  Haj Bilow

Drought bites in Mandera, Kenya

Gur Gharri Online News Rhamo Dec. 21, 2007

Gharri Conference Guest Video

Current Time In Moyale

 Open Letter From GSG(Gharri Support Group ) Re Genocide

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Hot News Fire AnimationPEOPLE  HAVE SPOKEN: with the Grace of Allah the almighty, on the day of joyous Eid ul Adha, one man’s efforts and initiative changed all that hostility on August 21, 2018.

U.S. allies hit back at Trump steel, aluminum tariffs

Breaking news NOVEMBER 19, 2017:- We have received information from Moyale, Dawa Zone, Southern Ethiopia Somali region, that the Oromo militia raided El Gof, Raro, and

Response to a pathetic and laughable Borana Propaganda

Internet firms shift stance, move to exile white supremacists

Garri herders are bleeding as their leaders watches

Congratulations to you for graduating with a Neuroscience

Arresting deputy fired following former Hawks forward Mike Scott's racially 'concerning' drug case

May 07, 2017 Dagaal ka dhacey aagga ULAAGA- diimtu oo waqooyi galbeed kaga aaddan Tuulada C/goof waxaa lagu diley nin boran ah oo Guyo Liban lay...iraahdo iyo mid si xun loogu dhawacey.
Dagaalkaas oo 7.5.2017 10:30 am si rasmi ah labada sahan faraha ay isa saareen waxaa soo qaadey Boranta. Kadibna waa lagu jebiyey

BREAKING NEWS FROM MOYALE, DAWA ZONE, APRIL 22, 2017   ON FRIDAY APRIL 21, 2017, the Borana criminal gang ambushed and murdered Mr. Abdulahi Mohamed Somo near El Gof, Moyale district, Dawa Zone. He was buried today on April 22, 2017. So far, this is the third victim in less than two months. This senseless killing is believed to be financed and encouraged by the Minnesota based Oromo Media Network.

 Also, the same gang viciously attacked the Gharri cattle herders from Guji clan and stole 12 cattle. He was severely wounded and is now resting at Lahey Hospital. Violence from Borana gangsters is becoming rampant in the area.

Mass evacuation in Syria to proceed after blast kill 68 kids

President Trump: 'We are not going into Syria'

Breaking News From Dawa Zone, Ethiopia WAR DEGDEG AH FEBRUARY 19, 2017
Wararka inaga soo gaaraya maanta, Dawa Zone, Degmada Mubarak Qabalah Elyabo (Gubba Bola) waxa lagudiley dad masakiin ah ee xoolah dhaqato 1. Hassan Husen Dhaka (Hassan Dima) 50 yrs, 2. M Sacid Sheikh Abdiraxim 20yrs, iyo 6 neef geel Degodia baa abbada kuleysey-

According to information received, 40 Oromo fighters were killed and 53


Messages from Gharri Community of North America  Lawsuit: Trump business ties violate Constitution

Garri Global Network News  Update Welcome to the Garri Global News.
A Kenyan Member of Parliament Mr. Adan Mohamed Noora was taped admitting to knowing those behind the killings in Mandera county. A Kenyan Member of Parliament admitted to knowing the Al Shababa terrorists who are behind the attacks in Mandera County in Kenya.

Message from Hassan Robow Hassan Gababa Message from Ahmed Shukri Al Kheer

Gharri people, land, News, and their herds-

RESPONSE TO SHEIKH ABDULAHI ABDI: Who is “Sheikh Abdulahi Abdi” (Abdulahi Haji Abdi)

 Gharri people, land, and their herds

 Dhedhertu Village This is first Dhedhertu film, and it was created on March 18, 2016. Dhedhertu is located in

An Arrest Warrant has been issued against Sheikh Adan Ibrahim:
Qadaduma District Welcome to Newly Created Qadaduma District andits district-wide celebration Film Festival  part one

 News Update from Western Gharri region, Southern

The Real Terrorists are not in Somalia, but in Kenya’s Gharri people, culture and traditional show festival

Welcome to the Gharri Traditional play called

Gharri Cultureal show and film festival 2015 

Gharri Cultural Show and film festival 2015 part 2

GSG Online Radio News October 04, 2004

A panel discussion on the current situation in

Gharri Children learning Qur'an in old fashion way

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Sultan Mohamed Haji Welcome to Kojowa & Qalla Argeessa Villages

Gharri Traditional Show at Choqorsa, Huddet District

The Degodia politicians including Abdikadir Mohamed, & The Police Commissioner David MANDERA COUNTY: 33 Degodia militia were

Breaking news from Takaba District, Mandera

To the Gharri elected officials, we elected you to represent us,

Breaking news from Takaba District, Mandera County, Kenya June 22, 2014 by Gur Gharri GSG News contributor Guerilla

We the Gharri people are disappointed and shocked to

Five unarmed civilians were killed and several

Response to The unending ritual killing of unarmed .

 Response to the Daily Nation's Report regarding causes of conflict in Moyale District



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